The Real Estate Marathon is a weekly Podcast discussing real estate investing from the ground up.

No topic is too simple, and no question is a bad one. Listen to Larry and Mike as they discuss the details of their entire real estate career – from the very beginnings to mistakes made and overcome to owning multiple properties and building wealth that will last a lifetime.
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Episode 60 Deferred Sales Trust with Brett Swarts

Brett Swarts is a deferred sales trust expert, capital gains tax deferral expert, investment real estate expert, multifamily broker, and the founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions – a company helping people to defer capital gains tax on the sale of their highly...

Episode 59 Home Equity Agreement with Matthew Sullivan

Matthew is the CEO and Founder of QuantmRE, a company that solves a real problem for homeowners by helping them access a portion of their home equity without taking on more debt. This new financing tool is not a HELOC, it's not a loan and it's not a reverse mortgage....