The Real Estate Marathon is a weekly Podcast discussing real estate investing from the ground up.

No topic is too simple, and no question is a bad one. Listen to Larry and Mike as they discuss the details of their entire real estate career – from the very beginnings to mistakes made and overcome to owning multiple properties and building wealth that will last a lifetime.
New episodes are uploaded weekly.

Pick one. Listen. And Learn. We all start somewhere.

Episode 65 Asset Protection with Scott Smith

No one wants to get sued, but let’s face it: if you’re playing the real estate game, it’s only a matter of time. Let me introduce you to Scott Smith, a new breed of real estate attorney with a great sense of humor and a gift for simplifying the complex. His Austin...

Episode 63 Mindset for Success with Marc Pelletz

Marc has been involved in real estate for close to four decades, he has been through several real estate cycles and knows how to be successful no matter what the market is at that moment. Marc has been inspired and motivated by many real estate experts and masters of...