How does a 23-year-old from real estate saturated So Cal go from 2 years of no deal after no deal to building an entire portfolio with BRRR strategy in Memphis, Tennessee?  How do you go from $20,000 in the bank to retiring your parents in less than 2 years?  Find out the answers to these questions and more in one mind-blowing episode with licensed real estate agent and experienced real estate investor, Antoine Martel. With a portfolio of over 100 SFH and counting, and now several syndications in the works, Antoine helps new and seasoned investors realize their financial goals. His proven real estate investment strategies have enabled countless clients throughout California to realize passive income and financial freedom through out-of-state turnkey rental properties. His company, Martel Turnkey has sold well over $10 million worth of cash flowing real estate and their sales are expected to double over the next year.