Join hosts Lucas, Clara, Mike and Larry as they discuss investing in multifamily as a family with Hendra and Mercy Tambunan.  Learn the ins and outs of being a general partner in a syndication.  Hendra and Mercy can be reached at if anyone is interested in learning more about syndication, and also run the San Francisco chapter of Multifamily& More. #ideaboxcapital #investingeducation

Coming as a foreign student to the US, Hendra & Mercy earned their degree from San Francisco State University. After graduation, Hendra has worked in Pre-IPO startups, Fortune 50, and Big 4 corporations while Mercy worked in the hospitality industry and successfully operated multiple restaurants. After investing in Single Family Residence on the side to save for their son’s college fund, they realized that it’s not scalable fast enough. It prompted Hendra & Mercy to start looking into Multifamily by late 2018 and finally decide to jump in Multifamily by mid-2019. 
To date, Hendra & Mercy have been involved in 4 projects with a total of over 700 doors as both General and Limited Partners.