Turn Your Real Estate Investing Knowledge WAY Up.

Lifetime Financial Security is Not a Sprint. It’s a Marathon.

Real Estate Marathon is a free podcast that explores real estate investing success from the ground up. Listen to Larry Fiero and Mike Moe as they discuss everything related to real estate investment success. From cleaning up your credit so you can get started to closing your first deal to building upon your achievements, the entire process is laid bare, brick by brick.

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“There’s plenty of real estate investment information out there for people who already have money and want million-dollar deals. But what about the person who is starting at Ground Zero, and will start with one small property?

Mike and I decided to create a podcast that truly does start at the beginning, and explores the entire Real Estate Investment industry through the eyes of “regular people” who made it work, one small deal at a time.”

-Real Estate Marathon CEO Larry Fiero